Tuesday, January 1, 2013

UDK Tutorials

Hey guys, I made these tutorials a while ago. I initally made them just as reminder to myself on how to do things and thought I'd share them with anyone who's interested. You can also find these on my Tutorials page.

Tutorial 3: UDK Blending Animations and Ragdoll Physics

This UDK tutorial will show you some of the basics of the Physics Asset Editor, UDK's Phat, and how to make an animated mesh react to physics then blend back to it's regular animation.
Time Breakdown:
  • 0:50 - Creating and editing a physics asset for your skeletal mesh
  • 2:05 - Adding your animation to the physics asset editor
  • 3:02 - Adding angle and twisting constraints to your bones
  • 5:07 - Tweaking physics-to-animation blend times for more realistic reactions

Tutorial 2: UDK Morph Target Tutorial 

This UDK tutorial will show you how to create a morph target animation (that is vertex deformation based as opposed to bone based animations) in 3ds Max and import and control them in UDK. We will make use of Morph Targets, AnimTree, and Kismet Matinee to add morph animations in game.
  • 0:12 - Setting up the object to morph in 3ds Max
  • 1:14 - Adding the Morpher modifier
  • 1:29 - Adding the bone and skin modifier
  • 2:30 - Exporting with FBX 
  • 3:16 - Importing into UDK (plus GameWizards folder, represent!)
  • 3:54 - Creating our AnimTree for the MorphTarget
  • 6:08 - Adding the Skeletal Mesh to the actual scene and linking up the MorphTarget and AnimTree information
  • 7:00 - Activating the Morph through Kismet and setting up the Matinee track
  • 9:00 - Watching it work ingame


Tutorial 1: How to Add Custom Characters with Animations into Crowds 

This video shows you how to add your own custom meshes with your own animations into UDK's crowd system. In addition to learning the crowd system I will show you some of the basics of the AnimTree and Physics Asset Editor.

A side note about crowds: They sometimes have problems on landscape, for best results spawn them on top of BSP.

Time Breakdown:
  • 0:40 - Importing the FBX for our custom crowd characters
  • 0:50 - Creating the PhysicsAsset for the character skeletal mesh
  • 3:25 - Setting up the AnimTree
  • 6:40 - Creating the Archetypes for UDK's Crowd System
  • 10:00 - Adding the Crowd System into the scene
  • 11:32 - Telling the Crows System to spawn through Kismet
  • 12:33 - Watching it work ingame
  • 12:50 - Final notes on making your character's face the correct axis

Tutorial 4: UDK Distorted Post-Processing Material Effect

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