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Money Management: Survival Simulator

This calculator is meant to show the importance of money management and to show you how likely you are to lose all your money (see “Chance to Blow Up Account”) if you risk too much on each trade. You'll need a good mix of enough starting cash, a favorable risk / reward ratio, and a strategy with a decent win rate.

Starting Balance:
Blown up Balance:
Risk type: Percent (%) Fixed ($)
Stop Loss % per Trade:
Take Profit % per Trade:
Stop Loss $ per Trade:
Take Profit $ per Trade:
Win Rate %:
Num Simulations:
Trades per Simulations:

=== Survival Stats ===
Num Winning Simulations: ---
Num Losing Simulations: ---
Chance to Blow Up Account: ---
=== Potential range of returns for survivors after 500 trades ===
Max: ---
Min: ---
Average: ---